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Teach America Rhythm is founded on the belief that RHYTHM is a universal language, one that inspires all individuals to learn and entertain.  People respond to rhythm in positive ways and can join in and contribute to rhythm almost immediately.  Rhythm invokes a sense of community when shared with others and can be taught to anyone without the need of language and despite any otherwise limiting attributes or beliefs.  Teach America Rhythm offers a starting point for drummers, other musicians and non-musically inclined people to learn rhythm and/or drumming by providing the necessary tools to help people on the path to becoming rhythmical.

It is our goal to offer up drumming and rhythm to anyone who wants to learn.  There are tons of resources available for drumming: private lessons, books, videos, listening to your favorite bands and drummers, schools, etc.  What Teach America Rhythm offers is a starting point.  If you want to learn how to play drums, or if you want to learn what rhythm is about and how to acquire it, or if you want real-life advice on what it takes to become a successful drummer, then you have come to the right place.

We will offer video lessons by a number of different drummers to get you started.  We will have information on the different types of drums, cymbals and sticks available.  We will have video and audio interviews of drummers and various musicians on what it takes to thrive as a drummer.  Even if you already play drums, the videos and information in this site could be valuable to you as well.  We will also allow drummers, bands, instructors, schools and stores the ability to promote themselves and share their music and skills with you.

This site will also become an integral part of the drumming community to serve as a knowledge base for all levels of drumming.  One of our favorite things about the drumming community is that we love to help each other out by sharing stories and techniques.  We don't see each other as competition; we see each other as brothers and sisters in the music industry.  Through speaking the language of rhythm, we all become family!

I hope you enjoy.

Craig Stluka

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